Welcome to Honestly Amber Coaching

I help teens build mental and emotional resilience and thrive through their teen years and beyond.

I help overwhelmed, stressed moms of teens regain confidence and hope in parenting…all while creating deep and lasting connection between moms and their teens.

Being a teenager is a rollercoaster and being a parent of one means we get to sit shotgun with them and go along on the ride.

So many different ups, downs and crazy whoop-de-doos. There is the fun, adventurous side of watching them have exciting experiences, exploring interests, new found freedoms and growth of all kinds. There is the perplexing side of navigating rules and boundaries and knowing how to best handle it all. There is the worrisome part if they struggle with school, friends or mental health.

If you’re here it’s because you love and care about your teenagers and their life, their experiences and the results they get in their life, AND you’re feeling a little (or a lot) lost on the journey. You want the best for them. And you want to be the best YOU can be for them.

Well, you’re in the right place and I’m honored to have you here. My mission is to help teens build a solid base of mental and emotional resiliency that will aid them in navigating the teen years and well into their adult years as well as guiding YOU, the mom who is giving it your all and feeling like you’re hitting a wall. You’ve got this mama, and I’ve got you.

How I Got Here

Not only did I never want any other mother to experience what I was experiencing, I knew there had to be a way to teach kids, teens and young adults in a way that was judgment and stigma free and allow them to bring absolutely anything they needed to to the table.

In my quest, I decided to use my education in Life Coaching and my experience as a mother to create something that would help today’s teens learn to turn inward in a comfortable atmosphere to produce the outward results that they desire most in their life, as well as creating something that would support today’s moms in raising today’s teens.




Helping Teens – Helping Moms

My work is about helping teens realize their worth and value in the world, helping them understand emotions, create the outcomes they want in any area of life with the amazing wisdom that’s already inside of them. It’s about learning to really love who they are and be accountable for their own lives, regardless of life’s situations or circumstances.

My work supports moms who are raising teens or preteens and feel like they’ve exhausted all their own wisdom and the wisdom from anyone and everyone they could borrow from.

Let’s face it, raising kids today is hard. But we can do it with confidence, love, hope and we can create a deep connection with our teens as we help them navigate these years.

We simplify what it means to be responsible for ourselves in all things. We empower by revealing the goodness and power within. We love by accepting all parts of ourselves while handpicking what we want to let go of and what we want to nurture and grow. We learn to discard what is creating pain and suffering and we learn to recognize and invite that which provides joy, growth and hope.

Teen girls, background photo

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