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Hello Friends! 

I’m grateful you’re here. My name is Amber. I’m a small town, country-girl who loves God, my family, being outside, a quiet ride in the mountains on a good horse, sunshine and green grass. I’m obsessed with the sky, especially sunsets and sunrises. I love and adore my family. I’m 20+ years married to my husband and I’m mom to seven amazing kids and an equally amazing daughter-in-law and a brand new grandbaby.

I’ve spent a good portion of my life navigating varying levels of loss, grief, trauma and otherwise difficult life experiences. Losing my son, Teagan, to suicide in 2021 brought me to my knees in a way I didn’t know was possible.

As I asked myself all the questions… What could I have done different? What do I wish I would have known? How am I going to survive this?…
I was led on a journey of not only learning to heal myself, but finding absolute passion in working with teens and their parents.

Early on after losing Teagan, I knew I wanted to be a voice, to be an advocate and to do something to help people, especially teens and young adults, to build mental and emotional resilience so they could face what today’s world offers them along with teaching and supporting the moms who are giving it their all and still feel like they don’t have the answers.

I don’t believe I found this work by accident. It leads me daily through the deep grief and pain of losing a child and it’s been life changing in so many other ways as well. Coaching teens and their parents has been an honor and privilege to me and something I find great fulfilment in.

I’m grateful you’re here and that our paths have crossed. ♥️

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