I’m here for it!

Hey friends! My name is Amber. I am a small town, country girl, riding this crazy train of life! I am 40 now and actually loving it! Someone told me once that after 40, you care a lot less about what people thing of you and that has rung true for me! It’s awesome!

I am a multi-passionate woman trying to do ALL the things. I’m 20 years married (almost) to an amazing human. He’s hard working, loyal, funny and adventurous. He’s always up for an adventure and creates some pretty awesome memories for us. I’m the mama of seven incredible kids and have an amazing daughter-in-law as well. I have a deep love for my family and I am grateful I get to share a space in this world with each of them.

We live in small town, USA. We have some acreage and are slowly making it what we want. Basically, we purchased a lifetime of never ending projects, but it’s beautiful and we’re creating our dream property one slow step at a time.

I’m a lover of God, family and and nature. I love health and fitness, all things babies and I’m learning to love to travel and adventure. I love camping, riding horses, fishing, hunting, most anything outdoors. Sunsets are my jam. The sky is healing and calming to me and I obsessively take pictures of it. I love to read, but rarely do it these days. I tend to neglect everyone and everything around me when I get into a good book so that will wait for a different season of life.

I am passionate about empowering women and children. I am passionate about protecting children from abuse and neglect and advocating for victims. I am passionate about learning about and creating healthy relationships. I am passionate about mental health. Talking about what it is and what it is not and nurturing, healing and creating healthy mental health habits.

In a nutshell, I’m a little bit of a lot of things wrapped up in this imperfect earthly body and trying to make it all work. I’m a hot mess of big emotion and opinions with a loving heart who wishes I could ease the hurts that so many experience. You get what you get with me. I’m a terrible actor and I value real and authentic. I’m a continual work in progress and I’m always looking for the next thing I can do. Welcome to the ride!

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  1. Beautiful description of your the beautiful person you are. We are blessed to have met you and part of your children when they were little. We were talking the other day about the time you came to Yuma and I was visiting you at your grandmothers place. The children wanted to go see Stan and you said OK.
    When we went to see what was going on he was feeding them all kinds of food and goodies. Everything he could find that a child would think is a treat. It is a wonder they were not sick from the variety of stuff he gave them. But they loved him for it. Love you Janet

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